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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
“ Boring Girls Go To Heaven …Fun Girls go to OdysseyVilla ”

Far wide white sandy beaches, stilted waterside villas, romantic candle-lit dinners, and champagne in the gazebo by the water Goa is epitomize of luxury and a chance to connect with the beauty of nature.


Festivals in the Summer Time


There are festivals and celebrations in Goa. The summer months (March-May) are filled with excitement and joy. The most popular festivals during this time of the year can be found in Shigmo (March) which is a street festival that reflects Goan life through traditional performances along with dance, music, and parades the Easter Festival (March or April); Grape Escapade (April) which is a wine-related festival as well as Goan Food and Music Festival (April); Goan Food and Music Festival (April) is a celebration of Goan foods and music as well as the Konkan Fruit Festival (April); India Bike Week (April) and Goa Heritage Festival (May).

Water Sports


Goa is an all-water paradise and a great experience for those who love water. Thalassophiles always find a reason to go swimming. The scorching summer months and the beautiful beaches demand some fun water activities in Goa. Seawater is always a magnet to its admirers.

Celebrate Your Reunion /Occasion
“ Memories are Timeless Treasures of the Heart ”

“ Every Love story is Beautiful ……. Celebrate Yours ! ”

Marriages at 116 Hill Side Bagga


116 Hill-Side Bagga knows that the magic is in the small details. It’s the thing that makes your wedding special in every way. We put the “you” into your wedding so that it is completely yours. We ensure all the small details that are important to you. We dot the i’s, cross the i’s, and fumble about everything from decorations to food. Do you want a luxurious wedding? We’ll do it for you. Do you prefer an intimate beach affair? We’ll provide the sunset.

If it’s a lavish Indian celebration that includes many ceremonies and events, or intimate ceremonies attended by your loved ones, you are the focus as well as the main protagonist and the main event. The 116 Hill Side Bagga in India is proud to provide the best service possible to help you set the tone for the wedding of your dreams.

At 116 Hill Side Bagga, we are determined to offer you the wedding you desire as well as our hotel is ready to make this day completely yours.  It has a tropical atmosphere and courts that are brimming with flowers, large paths shaded by trees with a sun-soaked atrium, and beautiful architecture thatmakes it an exceptional venue for weddings. Unbeatable hospitality and services will make your guests feel right in their own homes. From its stunning design to the top-of-the-line facilities, this hotel is the perfect location to host a grand spectacular wedding.