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What is the price of renting a villa in Goa?
Villas in Goa for rent ranges start from 10,000 to 3 Lakhs according to the facilities they provide.

Which part of Goa is less expensive?
If you are planning to visit cheap vacation in goa, you can choose the north region of goa to enjoy a budget full vacation.

Is food costly in Goa?
Food In nor Expensive nor cheap In Goa. Food rates are comes under medium price range.

Which month is best for Goa?
Best Sightseeing season in Goa starts from November and end in February.

Which is the cheapest month to go to Goa?
Goa Off season months are May, June, July, August and September. In these months weather lives very humid and hot in day time. Some activities you can enjoy is viewing temples & shopping of ocean jewelleries like seap, Evening relaxation on Beaches and can explore local areas of Goa.